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Replacement Projector And TV Lamp Advice: Everything You Need To Know About Lamps

If you have visited the Projector Lamp Experts UK website, the chances are that you are looking for a new replacement lamp for your projector or television, or you know that you may need to replace your lamp soon. Most UK owners of DLP projectors, LCD projectors and DLP rear projection televisions will know that replacing their projector or TV's lamp is something that sooner or later will have to be done, since the average projector lamp's bulb lasts for approximately 2,000 hours - somewhat longer in rear projection DLP televisions. This means that most projector and rear projection TV users will need to replace the lamp in their projection machine on average at least twice over its lifetime, and sometimes more if the unit is kept longer. Since replacement projector and TV lamps can be expensive, Projector Lamp Experts UK has put together a detailed information section to make sure our customers are kept up to date with accurate projector lamp information before they buy.

Specialists on Replacement Lamps in the United Kingdom

This projector lamp advice section of the Projector Lamp Experts UK website was written and researched by projector lamp technicians with over twenty years of expertise and experience in the projector industry. Ever since multimedia DLP and LCD projectors and DLP televisions were brought on to the UK market for consumers to use as display devices, Projector Lamp Experts UK and its group of companies has supplied hundreds of thousands of replacement projector lamps to individuals and businesses all over the United Kingdom. The answers to all the questions that Projector Lamp Experts UK has encountered over the years are contained within the following sections.

Useful Lamp Advice for UK Consumers

The lamp advice links in blue below and to the left will direct you to sections of the Projector Lamp Experts UK website where you can read through information and articles on a wide selection of useful projector lamp advice subjects. Underneath each of the projector lamp advice links you will find a short summary of the subjects covered by our projector lamp technicians. These sections include the science behind projector lamps, information about the dangers of projector lamp refurbishment, and a projector lamp glossary section containing an exhaustive selection of projector lamp related words and phrases.

If you find that the answers to the questions you have about projector lamps are not covered in the lamp advice sections below, a Projector Lamp Experts UK representative will be happy to give you any information or advice you need just give us a call at 0845 508 4482.

Helpful Suggestions About How UK Shoppers Can Increase The Life Of Their Projector's Lamp

Increasing how long a replacement projector lamp or rear projection television lamp lasts for is a concern shared by many Projector Lamp Experts UK customers, and "how do I increase my projector/TV lamp's life" is a question we are often asked by UK consumers. As a result, Projector Lamp Experts UK has decided to put together a collection of the best advice and actions you can take to make sure that your projector lamp lasts for the maximum amount of lamp hours possible. Since replacement projector lamps can be expensive, this is a good advice section to check out to be sure that you are maximizing the life of your projector's lamp.

Guidelines For Installing Your New Replacement Projector Lamp In Your Projector

The replacement lamps for LCD and DLP projectors and rear projection DLP TVs are usually quite straightforward to install in your machine, but different projectors do differ slightly, for example in the ways that the lamp hour counter should be re-started. Projector Lamp Experts UK has compiled a lamp replacement instruction list of the major projector manufacturers in case you should have any problems installing your lamp.

Projector Lamp Shoppers - Tips For Buying Your Lamp Modules Online

When you are shopping for replacement projector lamp modules online, it is important to be aware of risky projector lamp products such as bare projector bulbs, compatible lamps or copy lamps and suspicious projector lamp and packaging labeling. Projector Lamp Experts UK has been a supplier of replacement projector and TV lamps to people and businesses all over the United Kingdom for over two decades, and so we have come across the sorts of practices that may be used to mislead UK projector lamp consumers. For this reason, Projector Lamp Experts UK has compiled this section to help you make decisions when shopping for projector lamps online.

Innovative Projector Bulb Technology and The Science Behind It

If you have you ever wondered about the origins of projector lamp technology and how projector lamps were initially invented, this Projector Lamp Experts UK advice section will give you a good overview of the science behind projector lamps and projector bulbs. This article covers why projector lamps are classified as high intensity discharge lamps, and why they can be expensive to replace.

Have You Ever Wondered How a Replacement Projector Lamp Module is Made?

If you have ever wanted to know how a replacement projector lamp module is made, or have heard the terms projector bulb, projector burner and projector lamp housing, and have wondered how these components are engineered to make a complete projector lamp module, this Projector Lamp Experts UK advice article has labeled diagrams to explain how each part of the projector lamp module fits together.

The Major Projector Bulb and TV Bulb Manufacturing Companies

Projector bulbs, which are the components inside of projector lamp modules that actually produce the projector's light, are manufactured by only a select few projector bulb manufacturers world wide. This Projector Lamp Experts UK advice article will give you a good overview of these projector bulb manufacturers, including the two largest projector lamp companies in the world: Osram and Phillips.

Copy Lamps, Compatible Lamps, Original Lamps and Original Alternative Lamps Explained

The difference between a manufacturer original replacement lamp, a compatible lamp or copy lamp and an original alternative lamp is an important one to be aware of when shopping for a replacement projector lamp online in the UK, since one of the main areas of confusion when buying a replacement projector lamp module online is over whether or not the lamp is genuine. There are now a number of different options available to you when it is time to replace your DLP television or multimedia projector lamp, and some are safer than others. At Projector Lamp Experts UK, you can now choose between a projector lamp made by the original manufacturer, or a cost effective Alternative lamp. This article will help you to differentiate between the two options, and avoid copy or compatible lamps.

The Dangers of Refurbishing a Projector Lamp Bulb

The refurbishing of projector lamp modules is a practice that is not recommended by Projector Lamp Experts UK, because although at first glance this may seem to be a cheap way to replace your projector or TV's lamp there are dangers to doing this which should be understood fully. This section will tell you more about the dangers of projector lamp refurbishment.

A Glossary Of Projector Lamp Module words and phrases

The Projector Lamp Experts UK glossary is a useful point of reference for all the words and phrases which are associated with projector lamp and rear projection television lamp technology.

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